Design for Generosity

We would like to share something really special with you this morning. We ask you to give 18 minutes of your time for your soul; yourself, your family, your business and your community to receive an amazing gift back.


This clip encapsulates our redefining success model and our passing of wristbands. THIS is what we mean when we say shift your thinking or flip a situation from a negative to a positive.

We have tired everyday since we began YCNBR to live in this philosophy of gift. This effort isnt about us, our visibility or money. Its about the ‘other’, ‘alturism’ and ‘gift of self’. John Paul II says ‘You will never truly find yourself, until you learn to make a sincere gift of self’. That philosophy is found in all religions and beliefs, we didnt make it up.

We take no salaries and every thing we have we give. Everything we sell has been gifted to us through donations of kind hearts. The money you send to purchase from YCNBR is a 100% donation to keep the message moving and reach as many as possible.

You can not be replaced wristbands

You can not be replaced wristbands

We’ve learned that you take chances when you give and open your heart to share what you have. There is a chance when you open your hand to collaborate for the good of others… others will take it as an opportunity to capitalize on the ‘small and weak’. It can be very disheartening to be fooled but dont let it break your heart.

Recently were reminded ‘a rising tide raises all boats’, and we agree 100%. We are committed to sharing the most authentic organizations with all of you, its our responsibility  to give you the best and not lead you astray. One candle does not snuff out the other by lighting it.

Kindness and generosity is a movement of real love, not marketed love. Notice; make sure your look deep… One of these things is not like the other.

Dont stop, dont let the frustrations of others keep you from making a difference in the lives of others.



ImageRemember when:

  • You were a teenager and sleeping was your favorite pastime?
  •  That nice soft bed in a dim room that became a cocoon?
  •  The warmth of your pillow and the faint smell of laundry soap on your face?
  • There was this great power and ability to begin to wake up and say ‘mmm nope’ and roll over and sleep until noon wasn’t there?

I remember. I love to sleep under piles of blankets in a really dark room.

But, do you also remember when enough was enough and your mom came in and pulled the shades up *SNAP* BRIGHT SUNLIGHT! Not a welcomed moment was it?

Recently someone we admire posed the question, ‘what keeps you alive’? The answer could only be ‘authentic people motivated by sincere passion to help others!’  What does that have to do with sleeping late and the shades pulled up?

People at their core are innately good. I really don’t believe that there are bad people out there, but I do believe we are all broken to varying degrees. Depending on where we are in life, that degree is prominent or subdued. The damage that can be done when we’re ‘off’ carries the same ripple effect that a positive act of kindness does.


In our families, our communities or at work we have an obligation to try and stay real, authentic and sincere. And when we’re not… It’s time for someone to help us ‘wake up’. If you think about it, Its actually easier to be transparent! You never have to cover your tracks or make excuses. John Paul the second said, ” An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie, for an excuse is a lie guarded.” Still, fog, excuses, self...SNAP the shades up!

Sometimes we get so caught up in ourselves that it is if we have fallen asleep. Hibernating maybe is a better word; we lose our passion, our sharpness and our sincerity. There seems to be a lack of fulfillment and confusion usually that comes from an inward focus. Inward focus is to me something we do when we’re tired, burnt out or just simply not careful.

Everyone at some time in their lives has fallen into phases of self-absorption; it’s one of the flaws of human existence when we get lazy and stop focusing on others. The focus shifts, ever so slowly that we don’t even notice the haze that builds up.

Sometimes you’re the shade snapper for someone in that kind of a funk; sometimes you’re on the receiving end of the shade snap. It’s not always a welcomed experience.

Humility hits, someone calls you out. What do you do?

The experience is a gift. A chance to come clean, shake off the dust and renew your commitment to the journey. Great strength and humility are learned from these difficult life phases.

So when I responded ‘authentic people motivated by a sincere passion to help others’, that sentence had a lot of weight. There is a lot of work, time and effort that goes into being so self-aware that someone is able to be sincere and authentic with consistency. When you find someone who truly is authentic, known that sincerity has come with great life lessons behind it.   Value your time with that person and listen, learn and make that exchange you have with them one that strengthens you.

To all those brave enough to be my shade snappers, thank you