Heroin: Reality|Recovery|Hope You Can NOT Be Replaced

Piece By Piece (11/06/08)

My life is like one big puzzle right now…

I have to start putting it back together…


I will have to learn to love myself and eventually others will grow to love me and slowly my life will come back together…


Gradually my life will become worth living…

My smile and my laugh will come back…

You Can NOT Be Replaced would like to invite you to an inspiring and creative evening to reach our young people. ‘Step Back for a Moment’ concert series will begin on June 7th and serve several purposes:


  • Connect and establish relationships with local young people and families
  • share information about various topics through story telling
  • fundraise for the 5013c nonprofit You Can NOT Be Replaced to continue community outreach, education and school presentations
  • Percentage of the proceeds of the concerts will go to help families with the cost of recovery, mental health and resources to heal, strengthen and empower them in their journey to recovery from crisis.


Back in January we were introduced to a young man named Billy Egan who immediate impressed Chip and I with his honesty and desire to make an impact in the lives of young people. This August he will be celebrating 5 years in recovery from a Heroin addiction. His story is an amazingly powerful journey of the hard work that recovery requires. We knew that Billy’s story would save lives.



You Can NOT Be Replaced team member Billy Egan

You Can NOT Be Replaced also has a young woman on our team named Quinn who has been a part of our organization’s team since the beginning. Sadly, in September Quinn lost her childhood best friend to a heroin overdose. With two very powerful stories in the midst of an epidemic, Chip and I decided that we wanted to film their stories so we could impact as many young people as we could with their message. We hired a production company that we have worked with in the past and spent a day interviewing Quinn, Billy, and several other young adults on not just heroin but various topics that effect young adults and teens today.


Billy, who had put together a series of concerts as a teenager raising money for an orphanage in Africa suggested we ask one of the musicians to come back and do a show as a fundraiser so we could continue to create awareness, and for families that are struggling with recover. We combined the two efforts and the Step Back Concert was born. Our daughter Emily, who co-founded the organization, and Billy chose the name Step Back for a Moment from the lyrics from one of Will Evans songs. They thought the phrase encapsulated what we’re hoping to accomplish. We want everyone to take a moment, ‘step back’ and learn from the hindsight of others. People have the amazing gift of being able to learn from the experience of others if we’re open to the message.


The concert is being coordinated by our team of local young adults, college and high school students with the help of our core team. All who are passionate about sharing their stories and making an impact with the event that will be appealing to their peers and teens in a creative and intelligent way. Students from Monmouth University will be at the event filming and interviewing people for a joint project. You Can Not Be Replaced encourage young people to use their gifts and talents for others, the project is just that. These young people are coming together hoping to make an impact in their community to choose a life of purpose and remember their value.


‘Step Back for a Moment’ will have great music; food, videos featuring honest story telling of real life experiences and tangible ways to strengthen and guard our young people through proactive prevention.  The event is meant to begin dialogue, create hope and offer support. Alone the event is not enough, everyone needs to take the time to educate themselves and be responsible for what they do have control over. Each person, family, group or organization needs to bring to the table what they have to help in this crisis. We hope to bring honest story telling to begin dialog and reflection that will inspire each person to make a difference in their own circles. We will have a message of hope, recovery and moving forward as a community.


Will Evans has spent the last decade as the primary song writer, and drummer/ front man of the roots rock outfit Barefoot Truth. Four full length albums and several EP’s were recorded with Barefoot Truth, including their latest release “Carry Us On” which debuted at #10 on the Itunes rock chart. Recently, Will competed in  Guitars Center’s ‘The Search for the Next Great American Songwriter’. Out of 10,000 participants he finished 3rd overall in the competition. His music has been called, ‘“The Finest Soulful Americana meets Rock with a Genius Pop twist. A timeless voice and sense of melody that you will not forget.”- Waltz Mastering


Food opens at 6:30 and we’re really excited that Local Band Chevy Lopez will be playing as an opener. The local effort to raise awareness has been humbling and encouraging. Chevy Lopez is a band with many local young adults and eagerly and graciously to get involved. Its just proof that the young people in our community are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. Their music is soulful and straight from the Jersey Shore, we always down for a Lil bit of Funk. “Chevy Lopez flat out killed it with their soulful, jazz-rock fusion style and impressive jam sessions.” – Michael Molinaro We are really pleased Chevy Lopez will be joining us, the night should be an amazing community event.


The film interviews with be shown for 15 minutes before Will Evans takes the stage. Each concert goer will be given a pass to a webpage with the full length versions of the interviews as well as links to resources and information to view at  home after the show is over. We hope to have several other concerts planned as we continue over the next couple months with various musicians and topics.


The Show is at the Algonquin Theatre in Manasquan


Tickets for the show are $15.

The day of the show the tickets for the show increase to $20.


All concert information and a link to buy tickets is on our website www.youcannotbereplaced.com click on the Step Back Tab and on our Facebook event page. For more info email us at youcannotbereplaced@gmail.com .


I will become some people trust and they will take my word for more than just a word because they will see I am putting my life back together,

One moment at a time,

One Day At a time,

One piece at a time,


My opportunities will become my accomplishments,

My fear will become my past,

My outlook will always be optimistic,

My smile will never fade away,

My friends will become my family,

As long as I continue to take one step at time

One piece at a time,

My puzzle of life will come together…