This is ‘Molly’

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Be careful not to measure you child’s experience in high school and college to your own. While developmentally behavior hasn’t changed that much, the substances available to our kids has. While Molly is a new name for Ecstasy or Acid, which isnt new, the current version- Molly- is refined and more powerful.

Also be careful not to think that it’s a rare few teens/college students who try it. Or that taking down a business that sells it in the back will keep it out of your kids hands. That might help but it wont take it away. Molly and Blues (heroin) are everywhere. Ocean county has already had over 80 deaths this year, more than double of last year. Our kids in this area start drinking before high school. By the time they’re in high school many are already smoking pot and trying pills. We talk with them, they tell us, we know.

Molly not only can cause death, it can cause psychosis. We have a team member who works on a psych floor at a hospital and says one of her saddest days was having to tell the parents of a handsome 17-year-old boy that he would hear voices for the rest of his life.

Think about it; Mylie Cyrus was popular when our college students were pre teens. They still relate to her. But she’s along way from Hoe Down Show Down. Her current song “We Cant Stop’ got tons attention at the VMA’s and is all over the radio. They know what the song is about, they have seen it. Dont think they havent.

Are you noticing your singing it in the car, or are your little 11 year olds singing it? Be careful,  take it as an opportunity to talk with your kids. Remember, the average age drinking begins is 11. We’ve sat with Freshman in high school who could tell us all stories about Molly. Those little steps do matter, use those moments as an opportunity to talk. Be the one to give them the right information, not the 14-year-old down the block.