Jewel #4 Honesty

My parents gave us  myriad of advice growing up, but they told us two things that always resonate.
First, “Always come to us with the truth.  Even if we don’t like it, when you come to us and tell us the truth, we will help you, no matter what the situation: if you need a ride home; if you ever try alcohol or drugs; if you have relationship questions; we will always communicate with and guide you because we love you.”
The second piece of advice is still appropriate so many years later, now that I am an adult and have children of my own.  “Always try your best, but as long as you sincerely do your best, that’s all that matters.  There will always be someone who may achieve more than you, but there will also always be someone than whom you will achieve more; so, try your best, be proud of yourself, and remain humble.”

Jewel #3 Its not what they said,but what they did

When the idea to share “jewels of wisdom from our parents” came up, I thought it presented
the perfect avenue to share helpful things my parents taught me.Then I tried and tried to think of something they always said that made a difference in my life.  Know what? I can’t think of any.  Not that they never said anything. But what has stayed with me through these years as I myself parent is not the words they said but the steady life they led. We always new what to expect.  My parent were consistent with house rules, boundaries, and love.
I didn’t know my dad’s first name.  One time a teacher asked “so what does your mom call him?”.  My reply, “honey”. See, I always smile when that comes up. We did not have a birthday party with friends every year.  Mom would make us a special cake, and we would be the center of attention at dinner. We had friends over to the house for a birthday party on our 5th and 10th birthdays. It was what we did, we expected nothing more.
So when I as a parent remain consistent in my words and deeds, my children do not always like what they must or cannot do, but they respect my right to be their parent.  My now adult step-daughter sent me a note “You never seem to pass up a chance to be a positive, loving influence in somebody’s life… especially mine.” Speaks mountains to me.

A Mothers Love Jewel #2

A Mothers Love

Love is..driving your child to the bus stop, so they do not have to stand in the rain
Love is..playing basketball with your child, so they do not have to play alone
Love is..having breakfast with your child(no matter what time), so they do not have to eat alone
Love is..sleeping on the couch when your child is sick, so they will not be alone
Love is..using a wooden spoon(not for cooking), because she loves you
Love is..having a mom who cares!!!
Thanks Mom…I love you